What is SpearON

Spear ON is our cutting edge next gen technology that brings the entire call center operations and analytics on a mobile based platform. Our technology integrates end to end recruitment, operations, training, quality assurance and finance on to your smart phone. Enterprises can move their existing resources on a mobile platform or even virtualize them by completely doing away with the physical infrastructure. Spear On also serves as 360 degree solution for your sales needs by integrating lead management system into a mobile platform based call centre.

Take your business to the next level with SpearON

Call Centre on

Reduce your technology infrastructure cost with our light weight Mobile App call centre platform. Opportunity to eliminate the real estate cost completely by virtualizing the entire call centre operations through a smart phone.

  • Inbuilt Auto Dialer

    Saves dialing time and increases productivity. It blocks personal calls and enhances productivity per agent.

    Automated Reconnect

    Enables revisiting unmatured calls at the click of a button.

    Handy Call Scheduling and Reminders

    Automated reminder pop-ups helps to avoid missing on leads.

    100% Call Recording

    Enhances the call quality and helps in tracking customer satisfaction.

    Universal Number option

    All your calls can be conveniently serviced through single universal number

    Easy Integration with existing systems

    Spear On can be easily integrated with your existing CRM

  • Learning & Development

    Bite sized learning content; motivational content can be pushed to users with ease.

    Learning modules on the phones offers the users flexibility to learn at their own convenience.

    Virtualized trainings through smart phones reduce the cost of training

    Ensure personal touch in training sessions without investing in classroom trainings.

    Eliminates the constraints of number of trainees per session

    Custom designed gamification reduces learning curve and enhances employee engagement

  • Recruitment

    Say good bye to mass recruitment walk-in drives as you have the power to reach and assess candidates through your smart phone.

    Tap talent without any geographical barriers.

    Multiple rounds of screening through the App help in selecting the right candidate.

    Saves Times as recruiters can assess the candidates through app at their convenience without blocking their entire day.

    Quality of hiring enhances as recorded conversations make the process transparent and just.

  • Finance

    Activity based payout Vs attendance based payout ensures that you pay only for the productive time on the BAU.

    Telecallers & management can track their hourly, weekly and monthly earnings.

    Parameters for payouts can be customized as per the client needs.

    It brings in transparency to the payout process and also acts as a motivating tool for telecallers to achieve their goals.

  • Feet on Street

    Feet on street can update the status of service request/ sales call through their phone.

    It is ideal for managing and tracking your feet on street across different locations.

    GPS enabled tracking allows you to assign service requests or sales calls effectively thereby enhancing your service levels.

    Recorded conversations bring in transparency at the ground level and also result in more qualitative output.

    These conversations also serve as a great tool for identifying training requirements.

    Easy access to hierarchal details of geographically dispersed FOS in a single dashboard

Why SpearON

Can be deployed easily in minimum turnaround time
Easily scalable solution
Ideal solution for business continuity plan
Transform your mobile phone into the most advanced call centre solution
Integrates your geographically dispersed offices on single platform
Eliminates heavy capital expenditure on physical centre’s infrastructure and technology
Easy to adopt call centre solution with basic requirement of only phone and internet connection
Helps you in tapping the right talent without any geographical barriers
Enhances transparency and offers greater control over your business

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